What is AeraOnline?

AERAOnline is the AERA’s new web based Online Ride Nomination platform. The platform was designed to assist and benefit both Ride Organisers (RO) and Riders alike by providing a single-entry mechanism directly linked to the AERASpace database.

The platform assists ROs by:

The platform assists Riders by:

As a RO, am I obliged to utilise AERAOnline?

AERAOnline is an optional platform available to all Ride Organisers for their use, if they so choose. If the RO chooses not use the platform they will be required to manually input all ride entries into AERASpace.

What does AERAOnline cost the Ride Organiser?

The AERA charges the Ride Organisers $2.50 (plus 10% GST) per entry processed through the platform for their ride. There is no fee for the sale of other goods or services.

What does AeraOnline cost the Rider?

Apart from the Ride Entry fee and any other goods or services purchased, the rider is required to pay the Westpac processing fee which is automatically added to the invoice. Currently the Westpac processing fee is $0.55 per transaction plus 1.2% of the invoice value.

As a RO, how do I apply to utilise AERAOnline for my upcoming ride?

To utilise AERAOnline, Ride Organisers must complete the Online Nomination System Information Form located here. Once the Online Nomination System Information Form is lodged, an AERA Database Sub-Committee member will contact the designated person for the ride and commence the process to create the ride on AERAOnline.